I’m Not the Alpha Dog Around Here, Am I?

WWCD?  (What Would Cesar Do?)

I bought his book about how to be sure you’re the alpha dog in your house, but I don’t think it’s working:

Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy Dog, Mayday, Alpha Dog, Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan

He must’ve been really tired on this day, because normally he’ll get under the covers and really settle in.  All you have to say is “Mayday? Kennel!” and he moves so that’s some kind of progress, right?

I struggle with this, I really do.  First off, there’s the gross factor because that’s a DOG.  On my PILLOW.  But when you see him in person with his little marble-like eyebrows rolling across his solid concrete head (dog has a serious hard head, literally and figuratively) and his big orange eyes looking right at me, begging me to leave him be, I totally cave.  And also?  He’s the State Dog of Texas, so really, I’m not sure I even have the authority to tell him what to do to be honest with you…

With the cooler weather coming in (cool being a relative term in this part of the country) it’s nice to have my spot in bed pre-warmed for me. It really is the little things in life, eh?


Not The Alpha Dog


Feedback. I can handle it, promise.

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