Welcome, December (Daily)!

And just like that, it’s the last month of the year.  Got back on the saddle, or the treadmill, as it were, again today after completing the Turkey Dash a week ago…made it in record time (for me)!  But alas, my idiot shin splint is still rearing it’s ugly head so I am once again forced to run the Beginner Treadmill Workout.

Oh, the humanity.

But run it I did, and went three miles.  Nike has this thing where people can set up challenges and Cathy Zielske set one up to run 50 miles in December.  So I’m going to run 50 47 miles by New Year’s Eve, if it kills me.  I love a challenge!  Like not being a hoarder and not having to learn how to drive a new car (done and done).

Also going on this month, because it’s not busy enough in its own right, is December Daily.  Note the banner off to the right.  It’s a daily scrapbooking…thing?  Project?  Not sure what to call it but it’s awesome.  I did it last year for the first time, and boy did I pick a doozy of a year.

Patrick had the second of his two knee replacements, and I’m sure if he had a third knee it would have needed replacing too, that’s just how he rolls, done on Dec 21st.  He’d had the other knee done on Sept 21 so we are pretty much besties with the 18th floor orthopedic nurses at St. Luke’s in the Medical Center at this point.  The whole season was a blur of getting him to post-op appointments for the first surgery and pre-op appointments for the second surgery and then the school Christmas performances and the annual Kids Crazy Christmas Show at church and it was just nuts.  But doing the daily layouts and keeping up with at least one story a day throughout the season proved to be just the thing we all needed to keep ourselves together.  The kids still pull that album out probably more than any other I’ve done.

So naturally, I’m doing it again this year and today’s December 1st so it all starts RIGHT NOW!  I’ve got a few stories to tell already, and it’s only 1:00 CST.  What the rest of the day will bring is anyone’s guess.  LOL!

The banner links to my project so far, and I’m going to add in the pages as I get around to photographing and uploading them.  Sometimes it’s all I can do to actually live the moment and scrapbook it so I have little hope that the link will be updated before, say, January.  LOL

Patent Blurb

As I warned in the Meet and Greet, at times I will be wont to comment on Things In The Patent Troll space.  Today’s your lucky day!  So in this article on Techdirt, Masnick asserts that patent trolls are going to shift from Tech companies to media companies.  Maybe so, but I still would argue that the pharmaceutical industry is going to be their next first target.  And while Masnick didn’t come to that specific conclusion, I think he’s right that the trolls will find the backlash unsettling in the (social) media industry.  The pharma companies are too busy sending their sales reps to lavish parties and charging outrageous amounts for their drugs to see this coming.  Full thoughts on that coming up…not sure when.  I hate when bloggers say “I’ll post an update on Friday!” and then Friday is here and Friday is gone and oopsie, no post.  Here at Candid Canon, I’m going to shoot straight with you:  I HAVE NO CLUE WHEN I’LL GET TO IT.  <– Authenticity.  I haz it.

So anyway, Happy December!  Time to go make some memories, if not for your scrapbook, then for yourself!





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