Meet and Greet

Once upon a time I wrote a photography blog on The Houston Chronicle, and still do on occasion just to see if Ed T will comment.  Hi Ed!  I named it Shutterblog and then someone else with a similarly named blog was all “Giiirl, you can’t be doing that ’cause that’s my name!” and I was all “Pipe down, Nellie.  It’s a common name for a common type of blog” and I didn’t change the name of it because who is she to tell me what to do?  Only she got the last laugh because she kept blogging and I totally didn’t.  Original Shutterblog blogger, FTW.

I also had a brief brush with fame at the Chronicle when Jenny Lawson (you may know her as The Bloggess)  commented on a few of my posts.  I am selling autographs since that makes me famous by association.  Or infamous, depending on whether or not you like her blog which is totally NSFW and pretty offensive though I’m certain she is a nice person in person.  Not that I would know because I quit writing there and she quit commenting and things never were the same after that.

I decided to blog again this past Spring, until I was semi-Dooced and had to chose to shut that sucker down.  THE CONTRACT WOULD HAVE ENDED ANYWAY.  <– That’s how I console myself.  That blog was about patents and patent trolls and the tech industry and a lot about Google because they are right now’s “It Boy”.   I’m no expert on the topic but I do enjoy it and have a lot of fun following the goings on and will occasionally opine thereto.  IPtrolltracker, RIP.

Mostly though, the goal is to focus on photography and let ya’ll follow along in my quest to build passive income by selling pictures via iStockPhoto.  Are we over the whole debate about the micro-stock industry and what it’s done to photography?  If not, then comment away because I am always open to debate or discussion on that topic.

I am 41 and have a husband, two sons and a step-daughter, and a Texas Blue Lacy named Mayday who is pretty much the most demanding thing in my home at present.  Lacy Dogs are the State Dog of Texas and I will frequently drop that fact into blog posts.  Also slipping into posts will be talk about scrapbooking because that’s the hobby that, along with photography, saves my life when things get ugly.  🙂




Feedback. I can handle it, promise.

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